Python Programs

We Cover Many Topics of Python Programs from Basics to Advance. Below are the topics you learn in the website.

The best way to learn Python is by practising examples. The page contains examples of basic concepts of Python. You are advised to take the references from these examples and try them on your own.

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  1. Python Program to Compute the Distance Between Two Points (Pythagorean Theorem)
  2. Python Program That Takes 2 Numbers and Prints Its Sum

Control Flow:

  1. Python Program for Checking Whether the Number is an Even Number or Not
  2. Python Program That Prints Out the Decimal Equivalents of 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, . . . ,1/10
  3. Python Program Using a for Loop That Loops Over a Sequence
  4. Python Program Using a While Loop That Asks the User for a Number, and Prints a Countdown From That Number to Zero

Control Flow – Continued:

  1. Python Program to Print Fibonacci sequence 1
  2. Python Program to Print Fibonacci Sequence 2


  1. Python Program to Count the Numbers of Characters in the String and Store Them in a Dictionary Data Structure
  2. Python Program To Use Split and Join Methods in the String and Trace a Birthday With a Dictionary Data Structure

DS – Continued:

  1. Python Program to Combine Lists That Combines These Lists Into a Dictionary
  2. Python Program to Count Frequency of Characters in a Given File


  1. Python Program to Print Each Line of a File in Reverse Order
  2. Python Program to Compute the Number of Characters, Words and Lines in a File


  1. Python Program Function ball_collide that takes Two Balls as Parameters and Computes if they are Colliding
  2. Python Program To Find Mean, Median, Mode From Given List

Functions – Continued:

  1. Python Program to Check Two Strings are Equal
  2. Python Program to write a Function dups to Find all Duplicates in the List
  3. Python Program to write a Function Unique to Find all the Unique Elements of a List

Functions – Problem Solving:

  1. Python Program to Compute Cumulative Product of a List of Numbers
  2. Python Program to Reverse a List, Without using the Reverse Function
  3. Python Program to Compute Gcd, Lcm of Two Numbers

Multi-D Lists:

  1. Python Program That Defines a Matrix and Prints
  2. Python Program to Perform Addition of Two Square Matrices
  3. Python Program to Perform Multiplication of Two Square Matrices


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