[Part 5] Toughest Interview Questions

21) What would you do if you have a bad boss?

This question could be a little bit tricky. Interviewers ask this question because they want to find out how well you can cope with someone that has a different ideology from you and how well you can manage and work together with people.

When you are answering this question, you should focus on the following:

  • How you will handle the situation
  • Talk about your reaction to the situation
  • Talk about what you will discover

Avoid doing the following:

  • Avoid dwelling on the negative part of the whole
  • Avoid taking wrong decisions

Sample Answer

“If I have a bad boss I would try to understand the personality of the person to know what the problem is or what makes the person bad. If the boss is aggressive, then I would try and understand what will likely make the boss angry and try to avoid doing that. I would also look out for what makes the boss happy and try to do it more often.

Ultimately I will try my best to understand why the boss behaves in that manner and look for a better way to act toward the person.

I will also ask other workers how they have dealt with the boss over time”.

22) What kind of supervisor would you like to work with?

Employers often ask this question to understand or have an idea about how you would work under supervision. They ask this question to find out how well you would fit into their management style.

Most times they ask this question to find out about your past experiences with your supervisor and understand your preference when it comes to the management style.

When you are answering this question, you focus on the following:

  • The qualities of your most preferred job
  • State how you can adapt to different management styles
  • Think your answers through before attempting the question You should also avoid the following:
  • Avoid criticizing a past supervisor
  • Avoid getting carried away with your answer, and know where to draw the line

Sample Answers

“My ideal supervisor would be someone that would encourage good communication between himself and the team members. I believe that communication is a key factor when it comes to working together as a successful team and even one that can push the entire business forward”.

“I would like to work with a supervisor that will give me a reason to do more. When I used to work as a salesperson, I used to work with a supervisor that always complains and yells that our sales can be better regardless of how much work. When she retired another supervisor replaced her, the new supervisor was always acknowledging the little we have done and encouraging us that we can do more. Working with the new supervisor increased turnover without pressure. This is the kind of supervisor that I would love to work with”.

23) How can you describe a good work environment?

Employers understand that employees are happy and more productive in an environment that they love to be in. An environment that best fits their personality type. Interviewers will likely ask you this question to know if you are in the work environment that they have already.

Before you answer the question, you should focus on the following:

  • Research the company to find out about the company structure to know if it is a large or small company, have an idea of work/life balance, company size, etc.
  • Talking about an environment that will facilitate growth and development
  • Emphasize your interest to work in a team-oriented place
  • Talk about how you would prefer to work, and be careful it is in line with the company’s vision You should also avoid the following:
  • Avoid talking about a workplace that allows a series of vacations, flexible work hours, and fun.
  • Avoid building your response around people
  • Avoid not fusing the company into your response

Sample Answers

“My ideal work environment is one that is built around working as a team, one that encourages team members to work together to achieve success taking advantage of their different abilities and skills, and one that would at the same time expand everyone’s talent. While I was researching your company, I noticed that you pay great attention to fostering teamwork. That was something that really impressed me about the position. I found out that I work better in an encouraging and powerful environment”.

“I love to work in a small environment where there are few people. This doesn’t mean that I can’t thrive in a well-structured and large organization. I have worked for Coca Cola which is a large organization, but I enjoy being a part of a success story which is why I would rather work in a small company than a large one.

I find some things more fascinating than others. I find coming up with strategies that actually grow a business trilling than following laid down structures. I read the description for this position carefully, and I noticed that everything is in place”.

24) What do you describe as a satisfying job?

Interviewers ask these questions to know what you are passionate about in your work, and what kind of job will bring that satisfaction, they want to know what your definition of a satisfying job is.

Interviewers also ask this question to know how satisfying their job will be to you. When answering this question, you should focus on the following:

  • Focus on an aspect of your work that is tied to the job you are applying for
  • Focus on being enthusiastic when you are talking about your work environment
  • You can focus on other things like growth and development etc.

You should also avoid the following:

  • You should avoid focusing on aspects of the job this is very minor
  • Avoid giving a rehearsed answer that has nothing to do with the job

Sample Answers

“I would describe my ideal job as one that will enable me to make the best use of my skills and abilities. One that will constantly challenge me to put in more effort to do more. I look forward to a job that will provide me with growth opportunities and good supervision, which are the things that I have noticed in this job.

Generally, a positive work environment filled with people that want to do more will encourage me to put in my best”.

“My ideal job is one that will involve me working by myself as well as working with others to achieve great results. I am really self-motivated because I love to push myself beyond the limit. My ideal job would be one that will enable me to work together with like minds to achieve the set goal and utilize my abilities. I am also interested in working in a place that will give me the opportunity to add my value to the growth of the company and a place that will foster my growth and development”.

25) What does motivation mean to you?

This question is very broad and can also be easily misinterpreted. So when you are asked this question, you should be careful about your answers. Make sure you are honest enough with your answers and also remember to tie your answers to the job that you are applying for.

When you are answering this question, you should focus on:

  • Talking about a real thing that motivates you
  • Focus on tying whatever motivates you to the job that you are applying for
  • Always give useful examples that would help make your point clearer

You should also avoid:

  • Avoid stating that things that are responsible as things that motivate you
  • Avoid lying

Sample Answers

“Setting goals and achieving them is one thing that motivates me. I am a result oriented person, and knowing that I planned to do something and eventually achieved it at the right time and with a great result as well is one thing that will always push me to do more”

“Learning new things motivates me and gives me a reason to still hold on. Problem-solving is one of my top skills which is why I love challenges. Challenges push me to do more while I learn. I believe that learning never ends especially in a competitive world like ours, to beat the competition, one should submit himself/herself to learning always. The fact that I can learn something new, is one thing that will always motivate me to do a job. Looking at the description for this job, I know that this job will be a motivating one for me”.

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