[New Decimal Format] Tamil Nadu 12th Mark Online Calculator 2021

Calculate Procedure:

  1. Enter Your 10th Std Top Three Marks
  2. Enter Your 11th Std Tamil, English Chemistry, Physics, Biology/Computer Science and Maths Marks (Written Exam Marks Only So enter Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Computer Science Marks for 70 and Tamil, English Maths Marks For 90 )
  3. Enter your 12th Std Tamil, English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Internal + Practical Marks As per rules all school students get full marks this year, so enter 30 marks in all fields.
  4. And Click Get Results, to evaluate the Final Result (out of 600).

Mark Weightage:

YearMark WeightageTotal Mark
10th Std Mark 50%300
11th Std Mark20%120
12th Std Mark30%180
Your 12th Mark 2021100%600
TN 12th Mark Calculator


10th Mark Details

(Only Best 3 Marks)

Enter 1st Top Mark out of 100

Enter 2nd Top Mark out of 100

Enter 3rd Top Mark out of 100

11th Mark Details

(Only Written Exam Marks)

Tamil Marks out of 90

English Marks out of 90

Maths Marks out of 90

Physics Marks out of 70

Chemistry Marks out of 70

Biology/Computer Marks out of 70

12th Mark Details

(Only Practical Exam Marks)

Tamil Marks out of 30

English Marks out of 30

Maths Marks out of 30

Physics Marks out of 30

Chemistry Marks out of 30

Biology/Computer Marks out of 30

50% of 10th Mark
20% of 11th Mark
30% of 12th Mark
Total Mark/600

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