Python to USSD with Full Source Code For Beginners

  • Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes”, is a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers.
  • USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and as part of configuring the phone on the network

Modules Required:

  • random 2.time
  • sys

Run the script:

  • Open on device using a python IDE
  • Run the script
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Source Code:

import time import sys print('Welcome To fastrack USSD Banking Project...') time.sleep(8) bank_list=""" 1. Access Bank 2. Fidelity Bank 3. Guarantee Trust Bank 4. Heritage Bank 5. Polaris Bank 6. Stanbic IBTC 7. Unity Bank 8. Wema Bank """ gen_bvn = " " def BVN_checker( ): global gen_bvn bvn = [str(i) for i in range (5)] gen_bvn= "".join(bvn) def open_acct( ): global gen_bvn print("Welcome to our online Account opening services.") print("loading...") # creating an empty list to serve as a temporary place holder. temp_storage= [ ] f_name= input("Enter your first name:") s_name= input ("Enter your second name:") sex = input("Enter sex [M/F]:") BVN_checker( ) temp_storage.append(f_name) temp_storage.append(s_name) temp_storage.append(sex) temp_storage.append(gen_bvn) details= " ".join(temp_storage) split_details = details.split(" ") #print(split_details) print(split_details[0]+" "+split_details[1]) print(split_details[2]) print("Your bvn is :"+split_details[3]) print("1. Press # to go back to options menu\n2. Press * to exit") bck=input(":") if bck=='#': options_menu( ) else: sys.exit( ) exit( ) def upgrade_migrate( ): print("Welcome to our online Upgrade/Migration services.\n 1. Ugrade\n 2. Migrate") print("press # is go back to the Main Menu.") prompt = input("Enter preferred Choice:") if prompt=="1": time.sleep(5) print("Upgrading...") exit( ) elif prompt == "2": time.sleep(5) print("Migrating...") exit( ) elif prompt == "#": options_menu( ) else: sys.exit( ) def balance ( ): print("ACCOUNT\tBALANCE\n CHECKER") print("press # is go back to the Main Menu.") pin=input("Enter your 4 digit pin:") # isdigit( ) is used to check for digits within a str while the nested if is used to make sure the user inputs 4 digits. ###```i am to put the pin trial in a while loop```###REMINDER!!! if len(pin)!=4: print("Make sure its a 4digit pin.") time.sleep(5) balance( ) else: if pin.isdigit( ): time.sleep(5) print("Loading...") exit( ) elif pin== "#": options_menu( ) else: time.sleep(15) print("wrong pin") sys.exit( ) def transf( ): print("1. Transfer self\n2. Transfer others") print("press # is go back to the Main Menu.") trnsf=input(":") if trnsf == "#" : options_menu( ) elif trnsf == "1": time.sleep(5) print("Sending...") exit( ) elif trnsf=="2": time.sleep(5) num=int(input("Enter receivers mobile number:")) print("Transferring to",num) exit( ) else: if trnsf.isdigit( )!= True: time.sleep(5) print("Not an option") sys.exit( ) elif trnsf.isdigit( ) and len(trnsf)>2: time.sleep( 5) print("wrong password.") sys.exit( ) else: time.sleep(10) print("An error has occurred") sys.exit( ) def funds( ): time.sleep(3) print(bank_list) bnk = input("Select receipients Bank:") acc_num= input("Entet account number:") print("Sending to",acc_num) hash= input("1.Press # to go back to options menu\n2. Press * to go exit.") if hash == "#": options_menu( ) elif hash == "*": exit( ) else: sys.exit( ) #-------------------------------------------------- ###i'm yet to catch an error for non -digit and more than one digit###REMINDER!!! #-#------------------------------------------------------ # This is the function for options. def options_menu( ) : print("1. Open Account\n2. Upgrade/Migrate\n3. Balance\n4. Transfer\n5. Funds") select_options ={ '1':open_acct, '2':upgrade_migrate, '3': balance, '4':transf, '5':funds} choice=input("Enter an option:") if select_options.get(choice): select_options[choice]() else: sys.exit() # This is the function which prompts the user as to whether the user wishes to continue or stop transaction. def exit( ): exit= input("Do you wish to make another transaction [Y/N] :") if exit== "N": sys.exit( ) elif exit == "#": options_menu( ) else: log_in( ) # This is the function for logging using the fast code *919# def log_in( ): try: a=0 while a<3: a+=1 USSD=input("ENTER USSD:") if(USSD !="*919#"): print("please re-enter USSD ...") else: print("Welcome to our online services how may we help you") options_menu( ) exit( ) else: time.sleep(10) print("checking discrepancies...") time.sleep(5) print("An error has occured.") except: sys.exit( ) log_in( )
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