Python to Split a Video File by Given Time Period with Full Source Code For Beginners

This script will split the video into two files when valid time periods are given.


  • Install python in the host system Install ffmpeg-python
  • ffmpeg==1.4
pip install ffmpeg-python

Run the Script:

python test.mp4 0 50 out1.mp4 out2.mp4
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python -h
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Source Code:

import ffmpeg import argparse parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='''Split A media file into two chunks''') parser.add_argument('inputfile', help="Input filename") parser.add_argument('starttime', type=float, help="Start time in seconds") parser.add_argument('endtime', type=float, help="End time in seconds") parser.add_argument('outputfile1', help="Output filename") parser.add_argument('outputfile2', help="Output filename") args = parser.parse_args() in1 = ffmpeg.input(args.inputfile) v1 = in1.filter('trim', start=float(args.starttime), end=(args.endtime)) v2 = in1.filter('trim', start=float(args.endtime)) out1 = ffmpeg.output(v1, args.outputfile1) out2 = ffmpeg.output(v2, args.outputfile2)
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