Python to Rock Paper Scissors Game with Full Source Code For Beginners

A Simple Rock Paper Scissors Game:

To be Played with a Computer.

  • You can enter the number of games you want to play.
  • There is also a score window which is displayed after every turn.

Source Code:

#START; import random #DEFAULT; my_dict={'R':"Rock",'P':"Paper",'S':"Scissors"} user_count=0 comp_count=0 #INPUT; games=int(input("\nEnter the number of games you want to play: ")) while(comp_count+user_count<games): #WHILE LOOP STARTS; flag=0 user_input=input("\nUser's Input: ")[0] user_input=user_input.upper() #The [0] after the input() will assign the first charcter of input to the variable; #Hence, the user can enter anything, anyway; #Example: The user can enter Rock or rock or r or R or ro or any such thing which represents Rock; #It will always take input as a R #Thereby, increasing the user input window; for i in my_dict.keys(): if(user_input==i): #If the entered input is confined to Rock, Paper or Scissors; flag=1 break if(flag!=1): #If not, run the loop again; print("INVALID INPUT") continue comp_input=random.choice(list(my_dict.keys())) #Random Key from the dictionary my_dict i.e. R,P or S; print("Computer's Input: ", my_dict[comp_input]) if ( user_input=='R' and comp_input=='P' ) or ( user_input=='P' and comp_input=='S' ) or ( user_input=='S' and comp_input=='R' ): comp_count=comp_count+1 elif ( user_input=='P' and comp_input=='R' ) or ( user_input=='S' and comp_input=='P' ) or ( user_input=='R' and comp_input=='S' ): user_count=user_count+1 else: print("TIE") print("\nSCORE:") print("User Score:",user_count,"\tComputer Score:",comp_count,"\n") #LOOP ENDS; print("\n\t\tFINAL SCORE:") print("User Score:",user_count,"\t\t\tComputer Score:",comp_count,"\n") if user_count>comp_count: print("\n\tCONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON!") elif user_count<comp_count: print("\n\t\tSORRY! YOU LOST!") else: print("\n\t\tOOPS! IT'S A TIE!") #END;
Code language: PHP (php)

Output Game:

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