Python to Organized Download Folder with Categories with Full Souce Code

This is a python script that sorts the files in the Download directory to other directories depending on Extention.


  • Just run in the cmd command line after setting the project directory
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Source Code:

import os import shutil os.chdir("E:\downloads") #print(os.getcwd()) #check number of files in directory files = os.listdir() #list of extension (You can add more if you want) extentions = { "images": [".jpg", ".png", ".jpeg", ".gif"], "videos": [".mp4", ".mkv"], "musics": [".mp3", ".wav"], "zip": [".zip", ".tgz", ".rar", ".tar"], "documents": [".pdf", ".docx", ".csv", ".xlsx", ".pptx", ".doc", ".ppt", ".xls"], "setup": [".msi", ".exe"], "programs": [".py", ".c", ".cpp", ".php", ".C", ".CPP"], "design": [".xd", ".psd"] } #sort to specific folder depend on extenstions def sorting(file): keys = list(extentions.keys()) for key in keys: for ext in extentions[key]: # print(ext) if file.endswith(ext): return key #iterat through each file for file in files: dist = sorting(file) if dist: try: shutil.move(file, "../download-sorting/" + dist) except: print(file + " is already exist") else: try: shutil.move(file, "../download-sorting/others") except: print(file + " is already exist")
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