Python to Fetch Financial News with Full Source Code

Financial News Scraper.

  • A scraper made using beautiful soup 4 in python.
  • Tailor-made for extracting news from
  • Issue pull requests for different scrapers.

The main page to start scraping from this Website.

  • The program scrapes news from the next pages too by extracting website links in these buttons

Source Code: 

import re import json import requests import datetime from tqdm import tqdm from bs4 import BeautifulSoup from collections import defaultdict submission = defaultdict(list) #main url src_url = '' #get next page links and call scrap() on each link def setup(url): nextlinks = [] src_page = requests.get(url).text src = BeautifulSoup(src_page, 'lxml') #ignore <a> with void js as href anchors = src.find("div", attrs={"class": "pagenation"}).findAll( 'a', {'href': re.compile('^((?!void).)*$')}) nextlinks = [i.attrs['href'] for i in anchors] for idx, link in enumerate(tqdm(nextlinks)): scrap(''+link, idx) #scraps passed page url def scrap(url, idx): src_page = requests.get(url).text src = BeautifulSoup(src_page, 'lxml') span = src.find("ul", {"id": "cagetory"}).findAll('span') img = src.find("ul", {"id": "cagetory"}).findAll('img') #<img> has alt text attr set as heading of news, therefore get img link and heading from same tag imgs = [i.attrs['src'] for i in img] titles = [i.attrs['alt'] for i in img] date = [i.get_text() for i in span] #list of dicts as values and indexed by page number submission[str(idx)].append({'title': titles}) submission[str(idx)].append({'date': date}) submission[str(idx)].append({'img_src': imgs}) #save data as json named by current date def json_dump(data): date ="%B %d, %Y") with open('moneycontrol_'+str(date)+'.json', 'w') as outfile: json.dump(submission, outfile) setup(src_url) json_dump(submission)
Code language: PHP (php)


  • The resulting JSON file includes heading, date and image link, indexed by page number

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