Python to Display WiFi Password with Full Source Code For Beginners

Windows Wi-Fi password Displayer:


  • glob os subprocess xml

Run the Script:

Code language: CSS (css)

Source Code:

import glob import os import subprocess import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET class PwdDisplay: def __init__(self): # Définition du répertoire courant os.chdir("./") # Création du dossier mot de passe if not os.path.exists("passwords"): os.system("mkdir passwords") self.export_xml(command="netsh wlan export profile interface=wi-fi key=clear folder=passwords") self.display_password() def export_xml(self, command=None): with open("tmp.txt", "w") as tmp: export_command = command.split(' '),stdout=tmp) os.remove("tmp.txt") def file_path(self) -> list[str]: # Obtention du chemin des fichiers xml chemin_fichiers = glob.glob("passwords/"+"*xml") return chemin_fichiers def get_ssid_pwd(self) -> list: ssid_pwd = {} for i in self.file_path(): tree = ET.parse(i) root = tree.getroot() ssid = root[1][0][1].text # ssid pwd = root[4][0][1][2].text #pwd ssid_pwd[ssid] = pwd return ssid_pwd def display_password(self): index=1 info = self.get_ssid_pwd() list_ssid, list_pwd = [], [] print("Here is the list of Wi-Fi networks registered on this device : \n") for i in info: print(f"[{index}] {i}") list_ssid.append(i) list_pwd.append(info[i]) index+=1 nb = int(input("Please choose a number : ")) print(f"SSID : {list_ssid[nb-1]}\nPassword : {list_pwd[nb-1]}\n") def __del__(self): print("Thanks for using my tool :)") # Supression des fichiers for i in self.file_path(): if os.path.exists(i): os.remove(i) if __name__ == '__main__': instance = PwdDisplay instance()

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