Python to Cartoonify the Image with Full Source Code

OpenCV Cartoonify:

  • This script uses the OpenCV library to process images and outputs cartoon-like images and allows the user to process images without worrying about the directory of the image with a terminal based basic UI.

The Significance of This Particular Cartoon Converter Script:

  • This script finds your image file in your pc and automatically changes its the working directory before it starts processing the image.
  • This operation saves the time and energy of the user.

Future Of This Project:

  • Please keep in mind that this is the first version of the project and currenty only has 2 options for the cartoon styles.
  • I will add much more depth to the cartoonify-ing process later on.

Source Code:

import cv2
import os
from pathlib import Path

image_name = input("Please enter the name of the image file that you want to process:    ") ## User input for the name of the image file.
image_directory = input("Please enter the directory that may contain the image:    ") ## User input for the path of the image file.

## This function looks for and finds the desired file. You can specify a parent directory for the fundtion to look for, however if you have no idea where a file is; this functio will find it for you, just slower. If you have no idea where a file is, just type "/".
def find_the_image(file_name, directory_name):
    files_found = []
    for path, subdirs, files in os.walk(directory_name):
        for name in files:
            if(file_name == name):
                file_path = os.path.join(path,name)

    return files_found[0] ## Return the path.

image_path = Path(find_the_image(image_name, image_directory)) ## Inıtialize the path of the image file.
new_working_directory = image_path.parent ## Initialize the parent directory of the image path.
os.chdir(new_working_directory) ## Change the working directory of the script to the parent directory of the image path.

color_image = cv2.imread(find_the_image(image_name, image_directory))
##cv2.imshow("image_not_processed",color_image) ## Uncomment this to see the image without the process.

cartoon_style_selection = input("This script currently has 2 sytles. Please type 1 or 2.   ")

if (cartoon_style_selection == "1"):
    cartoon_image_style_1 = cv2.stylization(color_image, sigma_s=150, sigma_r=0.25) ## Cartoonify process. 
    cv2.imshow('cartoon_1', cartoon_image_style_1)
elif (cartoon_style_selection == "2"):
    cartoon_image_style_2  = cv2.stylization(color_image, sigma_s=60, sigma_r=0.5) ## Cartoonify process. 
    cv2.imshow('cartoon_2', cartoon_image_style_2)

    print("Invalid style selection.")

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