Python to Auto Draw with Full Source Code For Beginners

This Simple Project Was Made To Learn Python Library Functions Like pyatogui & time.


  • Make sure you have Python 3.7.x or latest installed, if not, click here to install!
  • Install PyAutoGUI: 
pip install pyautogui
  • Open Command Line or Terminal
  • Change directory to a respective game: 
cd "Desktop\PythonAutoDraw"Code language: JavaScript (javascript)
  • Run: 
python python-auto-draw.pyCode language: CSS (css)


>>> import pyautogui
>>> screenWidth, screenHeight = pyautogui.size()  # Get the size of the primary monitor.
>>> currentMouseX, currentMouseY = pyautogui.position() # Get the XY position of the mouse.
>>> pyautogui.moveTo(100, 150) # Move the mouse to XY coordinates.
>>> # Click the mouse.
>>>, 200) # Move the mouse to XY coordinates and click it.
>>>'button.png') # Find where button.png appears on the screen and click it.
>>> pyautogui.move(0, 10) # Move mouse 10 pixels down from its current position.
>>> pyautogui.doubleClick() # Double click the mouse.
>>> pyautogui.moveTo(500, 500, duration=2, tween=pyautogui.easeInOutQuad) # Use tweening/easing function to move mouse over 2 seconds.
>>> pyautogui.write('Hello world!', interval=0.25) # type with quarter-second pause in between each key
>>>'esc') # Press the Esc key. All key names are in pyautogui.KEY_NAMES
>>> pyautogui.keyDown('shift') # Press the Shift key down and hold it.
>>>['left', 'left', 'left', 'left']) # Press the left arrow key 4 times.
>>> pyautogui.keyUp('shift') # Let go of the Shift key.
>>> pyautogui.hotkey('ctrl', 'c') # Press the Ctrl-C hotkey combination.
>>> pyautogui.alert('This is the message to display.') # Make an alert box appear and pause the program until OK is clickedCode language: PHP (php)

Source Code:

import pyautogui
import time

# time to change tabs from editor to paint;

# it will remain clicked till program ends;

# can be varied according to convininence
distance = 250

while distance > 0:
    # right
    pyautogui.dragRel(distance, 0, duration = 0.1)
    distance -= 5

    # down
    pyautogui.dragRel(0, distance, duration = 0.1)

    # left
    pyautogui.dragRel(-distance, 0, duration = 0.1)

    distance -= 5

    pyautogui.dragRel(0, -distance, duration = 0.1)Code language: PHP (php)


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