Python that gives DNS Record of Website with Full Source Code

This script takes the website name as input and returns its DNS records.

Step 1:

Requirements to Run:

An external library called dnspython has been used here and it can be installed easily by using the following command:

  • dnspython==2.0.0

Step 2:

To install required external modules:

  • Run:
pip install dnspython

Step 3:

Run the Script:

  • Execute
python dns_record.pyCode language: CSS (css)

Source Code:

#Simple program to fetch dns record of a given website

import dns.resolver

#Dictionary to store the dns record of a website
dns_record = {}

#User defined website
website = input("Enter the name of the website: ")

#Fetching the 'A' record of the website and storing it in the dictionary
a_record = dns.resolver.resolve(website, 'A')
for ipval in a_record:
    dns_record['A_Record_IP'] = ipval.to_text()

#List to store the mx records of a website
mx_record_list = []

#Fetching the mx records and storing them in the dictionary
mx_record = dns.resolver.resolve(website,'MX')
for server in mx_record:
for i, element in enumerate(mx_record_list):
    dns_record['MX_Record', i+1] = element

#Displaying the record on the screen
for key,value in dns_record.items():
    print(f"{key} = {value}")

Step 4:

It will ask for a website:

example: google.comCode language: CSS (css)

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