Python Text File Analysis with Full Source Code For Beginners

Run the Script:

python <textfile>
Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

Source Code:

# -*- cofing: utf-8 -*-
import os
import sys
import collections
import string

script_name = sys.argv[0]

res = {

    textfile = sys.argv[1]
    with open(textfile, "r", encoding = "utf_8") as f:

        data =
        res["total_lines"] = data.count(os.linesep)
        res["total_characters"] = len(data.replace(" ","")) - res["total_lines"]
        counter = collections.Counter(data.split())
        d = counter.most_common()
        res["total_words"] = sum([i[1] for i in d])
        res["unique_words"] = len([i[0] for i in d])
        special_chars = string.punctuation
        res["special_characters"] = sum(v for k, v in collections.Counter(data).items() if k in special_chars)

except IndexError:
    print('Usage: %s TEXTFILE' % script_name)
except IOError:
    print('"%s" cannot be opened.' % textfile)

print(res)Code language: PHP (php)

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