Python Number Guessing Game with Full Source Code

  • This game allows you to check your luck and intuition.
  • You should find the number computer guessed


  • Just run in the cmd command line after setting the project directory
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Source Code:

import random print("Number guessing game") # randint function to generate the # random number b/w 1 to 9 number = random.randint(1, 9) # number of chances to be given # to the user to guess the number # or it is the inputs given by user # into input box here number of # chances are 5 chances = 0 print("Guess a number (between 1 and 9):") # While loop to count the number # of chances while True: # Enter a number between 1 to 9 guess = int(input()) # Compare the user entered number # with the number to be guessed if guess == number: # if number entered by user # is same as the generated # number by randint function then # break from loop using loop # control statement "break" print( f'CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE GUESSED THE \ NUMBER {number} IN {chances} ATTEMPTS!') # Printing final statement using the f-strings method; break # Check if the user entered # number is smaller than # the generated number elif guess < number: print("Your guess was too low: Guess a number higher than", guess) # The user entered number is # greater than the generated # number else: print("Your guess was too high: Guess a number lower than", guess) # Increase the value of chance by 1 chances += 1
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