Java Program to Display Default Value of All Primitive Data Type


To write a Java program to display default value of all primitive data type of Java.


class defaultdemo
static byte b;
static short s;
static int i;
static long l;
static float f;
static double d;
static char c;
static boolean bl;
public static void main(String[] args)
System.out.println("The default values of primitive data types are:");
System.out.println("Byte :"+b);
System.out.println("Short :"+s);
System.out.println("Int :"+i);
System.out.println("Long :"+l);
System.out.println("Float :"+f);
System.out.println("Double :"+d);
System.out.println("Char :"+c);
System.out.println("Boolean :"+bl);


The default values of primitive data types are:
Byte :0
Short :0
Int :0
Long :0
Float :0.0
Double :0.0
Char :
Boolean :false

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