C Program to Snake Project with Full Source Code For Beginners

Source Code:

Snake Project using C Program.


#include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <conio.h> #include<time.h> #include<ctype.h> #include <time.h> #include <windows.h> #include <process.h> #define UP 72 #define DOWN 80 #define LEFT 75 #define RIGHT 77 int length; int bend_no; int len; char key; void record(); void load(); int life; void Delay(long double); void Move(); void Food(); int Score(); void Print(); void gotoxy(int x, int y); void GotoXY(int x,int y); void Bend(); void Boarder(); void Down(); void Left(); void Up(); void Right(); void ExitGame(); int Scoreonly(); struct coordinate{ int x; int y; int direction; }; typedef struct coordinate coordinate; coordinate head, bend[500],food,body[30]; int main() { char key; Print(); system("cls"); load(); length=5; head.x=25; head.y=20; head.direction=RIGHT; Boarder(); Food(); //to generate food coordinates initially life=3; //number of extra lives bend[0]=head; Move(); //initialing initial bend coordinate return 0; } void Move() { int a,i; do{ Food(); fflush(stdin); len=0; for(i=0;i<30;i++) { body[i].x=0; body[i].y=0; if(i==length) break; } Delay(length); Boarder(); if(head.direction==RIGHT) Right(); else if(head.direction==LEFT) Left(); else if(head.direction==DOWN) Down(); else if(head.direction==UP) Up(); ExitGame(); }while(!kbhit()); a=getch(); if(a==27) { system("cls"); exit(0); } key=getch(); if((key==RIGHT&&head.direction!=LEFT&&head.direction!=RIGHT)||(key==LEFT&&head.direction!=RIGHT&&head.direction!=LEFT)||(key==UP&&head.direction!=DOWN&&head.direction!=UP)||(key==DOWN&&head.direction!=UP&&head.direction!=DOWN)) { bend_no++; bend[bend_no]=head; head.direction=key; if(key==UP) head.y--; if(key==DOWN) head.y++; if(key==RIGHT) head.x++; if(key==LEFT) head.x--; Move(); } else if(key==27) { system("cls"); exit(0); } else { printf("\a"); Move(); } } void gotoxy(int x, int y) { COORD coord; coord.X = x; coord.Y = y; SetConsoleCursorPosition(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), coord); } void GotoXY(int x, int y) { HANDLE a; COORD b; fflush(stdout); b.X = x; b.Y = y; a = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE); SetConsoleCursorPosition(a,b); } void load(){ int row,col,r,c,q; gotoxy(36,14); printf("loading..."); gotoxy(30,15); for(r=1;r<=20;r++){ for(q=0;q<=100000000;q++);//to display the character slowly printf("%c",177);} getch(); } void Down() { int i; for(i=0;i<=(head.y-bend[bend_no].y)&&len<length;i++) { GotoXY(head.x,head.y-i); { if(len==0) printf("v"); else printf("*"); } body[len].x=head.x; body[len].y=head.y-i; len++; } Bend(); if(!kbhit()) head.y++; } void Delay(long double k) { Score(); long double i; for(i=0;i<=(10000000);i++); } void ExitGame() { int i,check=0; for(i=4;i<length;i++) //starts with 4 because it needs minimum 4 element to touch its own body { if(body[0].x==body[i].x&&body[0].y==body[i].y) { check++; //check's value increases as the coordinates of head is equal to any other body coordinate } if(i==length||check!=0) break; } if(head.x<=10||head.x>=70||head.y<=10||head.y>=30||check!=0) { life--; if(life>=0) { head.x=25; head.y=20; bend_no=0; head.direction=RIGHT; Move(); } else { system("cls"); printf("All lives completed\nBetter Luck Next Time!!!\nPress any key to quit the game\n"); record(); exit(0); } } } void Food() { if(head.x==food.x&&head.y==food.y) { length++; time_t a; a=time(0); srand(a); food.x=rand()%70; if(food.x<=10) food.x+=11; food.y=rand()%30; if(food.y<=10) food.y+=11; } else if(food.x==0)/*to create food for the first time coz global variable are initialized with 0*/ { food.x=rand()%70; if(food.x<=10) food.x+=11; food.y=rand()%30; if(food.y<=10) food.y+=11; } } void Left() { int i; for(i=0;i<=(bend[bend_no].x-head.x)&&len<length;i++) { GotoXY((head.x+i),head.y); { if(len==0) printf("<"); else printf("*"); } body[len].x=head.x+i; body[len].y=head.y; len++; } Bend(); if(!kbhit()) head.x--; } void Right() { int i; for(i=0;i<=(head.x-bend[bend_no].x)&&len<length;i++) { //GotoXY((head.x-i),head.y); body[len].x=head.x-i; body[len].y=head.y; GotoXY(body[len].x,body[len].y); { if(len==0) printf(">"); else printf("*"); } /*body[len].x=head.x-i; body[len].y=head.y;*/ len++; } Bend(); if(!kbhit()) head.x++; } void Bend() { int i,j,diff; for(i=bend_no;i>=0&&len<length;i--) { if(bend[i].x==bend[i-1].x) { diff=bend[i].y-bend[i-1].y; if(diff<0) for(j=1;j<=(-diff);j++) { body[len].x=bend[i].x; body[len].y=bend[i].y+j; GotoXY(body[len].x,body[len].y); printf("*"); len++; if(len==length) break; } else if(diff>0) for(j=1;j<=diff;j++) { /*GotoXY(bend[i].x,(bend[i].y-j)); printf("*");*/ body[len].x=bend[i].x; body[len].y=bend[i].y-j; GotoXY(body[len].x,body[len].y); printf("*"); len++; if(len==length) break; } } else if(bend[i].y==bend[i-1].y) { diff=bend[i].x-bend[i-1].x; if(diff<0) for(j=1;j<=(-diff)&&len<length;j++) { /*GotoXY((bend[i].x+j),bend[i].y); printf("*");*/ body[len].x=bend[i].x+j; body[len].y=bend[i].y; GotoXY(body[len].x,body[len].y); printf("*"); len++; if(len==length) break; } else if(diff>0) for(j=1;j<=diff&&len<length;j++) { /*GotoXY((bend[i].x-j),bend[i].y); printf("*");*/ body[len].x=bend[i].x-j; body[len].y=bend[i].y; GotoXY(body[len].x,body[len].y); printf("*"); len++; if(len==length) break; } } } } void Boarder() { system("cls"); int i; GotoXY(food.x,food.y); /*displaying food*/ printf("F"); for(i=10;i<71;i++) { GotoXY(i,10); printf("!"); GotoXY(i,30); printf("!"); } for(i=10;i<31;i++) { GotoXY(10,i); printf("!"); GotoXY(70,i); printf("!"); } } void Print() { //GotoXY(10,12); printf("\tWelcome to the mini Snake game.(press any key to continue)\n"); getch(); system("cls"); printf("\tGame instructions:\n"); printf("\n-> Use arrow keys to move the snake.\n\n-> You will be provided foods at the several coordinates of the screen which you have to eat. Everytime you eat a food the length of the snake will be increased by 1 element and thus the score.\n\n-> Here you are provided with three lives. Your life will decrease as you hit the wall or snake's body.\n\n-> YOu can pause the game in its middle by pressing any key. To continue the paused game press any other key once again\n\n-> If you want to exit press esc. \n"); printf("\n\nPress any key to play game..."); if(getch()==27) exit(0); } void record(){ char plname[20],nplname[20],cha,c; int i,j,px; FILE *info; info=fopen("record.txt","a+"); getch(); system("cls"); printf("Enter your name\n"); scanf("%[^\n]",plname); //************************ for(j=0;plname[j]!='\0';j++){ //to convert the first letter after space to capital nplname[0]=toupper(plname[0]); if(plname[j-1]==' '){ nplname[j]=toupper(plname[j]); nplname[j-1]=plname[j-1];} else nplname[j]=plname[j]; } nplname[j]='\0'; //***************************** //sdfprintf(info,"\t\t\tPlayers List\n"); fprintf(info,"Player Name :%s\n",nplname); //for date and time time_t mytime; mytime = time(NULL); fprintf(info,"Played Date:%s",ctime(&mytime)); //************************** fprintf(info,"Score:%d\n",px=Scoreonly());//call score to display score //fprintf(info,"\nLevel:%d\n",10);//call level to display level for(i=0;i<=50;i++) fprintf(info,"%c",'_'); fprintf(info,"\n"); fclose(info); printf("wanna see past records press 'y'\n"); cha=getch(); system("cls"); if(cha=='y'){ info=fopen("record.txt","r"); do{ putchar(c=getc(info)); }while(c!=EOF);} fclose(info); } int Score() { int score; GotoXY(20,8); score=length-5; printf("SCORE : %d",(length-5)); score=length-5; GotoXY(50,8); printf("Life : %d",life); return score; } int Scoreonly() { int score=Score(); system("cls"); return score; } void Up() { int i; for(i=0;i<=(bend[bend_no].y-head.y)&&len<length;i++) { GotoXY(head.x,head.y+i); { if(len==0) printf("^"); else printf("*"); } body[len].x=head.x; body[len].y=head.y+i; len++; } Bend(); if(!kbhit()) head.y--; }
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