C Program to Quiz Project with Full Source Code For Beginners

Source Code:

Quiz Project using C Program.


#include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include <ctype.h> #include "gotoxy.h" /* Define variable*/ #define ESC 27 /* Function declaration*/ void mainMenu(); void gamePlay(); int main() { mainMenu(); return 0; } /* Function definition*/ void mainMenu(){ char choice; system("cls"); gotoxy(30,8); printf("WELCOME TO I.Q TEST PROGRAM"); gotoxy(30,10); printf("----------------------------"); gotoxy(30,12); printf("Enter S to start game"); gotoxy(30,14); printf("Enter Q or ESc to quit"); gotoxy(30,16); printf("----------------------------"); choice=toupper(getch()); switch(choice){ case 'S': gamePlay(); break; case 'Q': exit(0); case ESC: exit(0); default: gotoxy(30,18); printf("Wrong Entry!!"); gotoxy(30,20); printf("Press any key and re-enter correct option"); if(getch()) mainMenu(); } } void gamePlay(){ system("cls"); char question[10][250]; strcpy(question[0], "This is question no 1"); strcpy(question[1], "This is question no 2"); strcpy(question[2], "This is question no 3"); strcpy(question[3], "This is question no 4"); strcpy(question[4], "This is question no 5"); strcpy(question[5], "This is question no 6"); strcpy(question[6], "This is question no 7"); strcpy(question[7], "This is question no 8"); strcpy(question[8], "This is question no 9"); strcpy(question[9], "This is question no 10"); char option[10][4][50] = { {"option1","option2","option3","option4"}, {"option1","option2","option3","option4"}, {"option1","option2","option3","option4"}, {"option1","option2","option3","option4"}, {"option1","option2","option3","option4"}, {"option1","option2","option3","option4"}, {"option1","option2","option3","option4"}, {"option1","option2","option3","option4"}, {"option1","option2","option3","option4"}, {"option1","option2","option3","option4"}, }; char answer[10]={'a','b','c','d','a','b','c','d','a','b'}; char letter[4]={'a','b','c','d'}; char ans; int score=0; for(int i=0;i<10;i++){ system("cls"); gotoxy(20,8); printf("%s\n",question[i]); for(int j=0;j<4;j++){ if(j==0 || j==2){ gotoxy(20,10 + j); printf("%c) %s\n",letter[j],option[i][j]); } else { gotoxy(55,9 + j); printf("%c) %s\n",letter[j],option[i][j]); } } do{ gotoxy(22,15); printf("Please Choose Answer using key a or b or c or d: "); ans=tolower(getch()); if(ans=='a'||ans=='b'||ans=='c'||ans=='d') break; }while(1==1); if(ans==answer[i]){ gotoxy(22,15); printf("Correct Answer!! PRESS ANY KEY TO Continue...."); score++; getch(); }else{ gotoxy(22,15); printf("Wrong Answer!! PRESS ANY KEY TO Continue...."); getch(); } } system("cls"); gotoxy(22,8); printf("You have score %d Out of 10. PRESS ANY KEY TO Continue....",score); getch(); mainMenu(); }
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